“Look up,” Jesus said, “for I tell you the fields are white for the harvest.”

As a denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) carries out its mission for this worldwide outreach through three ministry committees: the Committee on Christian Education, the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension, and the Committee on Foreign Missions. Each works to accomplish our purpose of bringing glory to God and proclaiming Christ throughout North America and the world, teaching them to obey what he has commanded.

Christian Education

Through the Committee on Christian Education, we help our churches to teach effectively the precious truths of the faith. We produce Sunday school materials through Great Commissions Publications, New Horizons magazine, training materials, and a hymnal. Our Intern Program helps churches prepare men for gospel ministry through summer and yearlong pastoral internships.

Home Missions

Through the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension, we plant new churches throughout North America, assisting presbyteries in supporting regional home missionaries and new church plants through oversight, funding, and furthering education. We have special concern for urban areas of our country.

Foreign Missions

Through the Committee on Foreign Missions, we send missionaries to the ends of the earth. Presently we support missionaries in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Japan, Asia, Korea, Uganda, Uruguay and Haiti.  Where appropriate, the preaching of the gospel is accompanied by medical missions work.  A significant part of the work on our mission fields is dedicated to preparing the next generation of men for the gospel ministry.