What is Worship?

The early church theologian, Augustine, said, “O Lord, our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”  At Calvary we find our rest in our Triune God, who has saved us from our sins and graciously called us into his presence.  It is at the Lord’s call that we come each Lord’s Day morning and evening to lift up our hearts to the Lord.

Worship at Calvary OPC is a reverent and heart-felt response to the One who made us and redeemed us.  We long to come into the Lord’s presence, and once we are there, we love to make a joyful noise unto Him!  At Calvary, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday morning and the third Sunday evening of each month.

Typical Morning Service


Welcome & Silent Prayer

Apostolic Salutation

Call to Worship

Hymn of Praise

Invocation & Lord’s Prayer 

Apostles’ Creed 

Gloria Patri

Psalter Selection

Confession of Sin & Assurance of Forgiveness

Hymn of Thanksgiving

Scripture Reading

Congregational Prayer

Offering & Doxology


Hymn of Response